Beyond the Whole Bird

Beyond the whole bird

Turkey is versatile, profitable & delicious, any way you slice it… and you can do a lot more with turkey than just slice it! You can grind it, dice it, kabob it, make turkey sausages, kielbasa, bacon and more. It’s never been easier to substitute various cuts of turkey for other meats in your favourite menu items. Multi-talented turkey shines as an entrée, in soup stock, as sandwich meat, or in a salad. Why not try it on your pizza, in your pasta, or on the grill? It also comes as labour-saving burgers, sausages, steaks, meatballs and deli products. Turkey is a mouthwatering choice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And don’t forget, there’s a world of ethnic cuisine that turkey is perfect for, too. Thought about creating a “Turkey Tuesday” promotion? The possibilities—and the recipes—are endless.

Give Breakfast a Boost!

Start a healthy day of sales by offering low-fat turkey bacon or turkey sausage.

Dinners that Delight!

A high perceived value will make your delicious turkey dinner items some of the most profitable on the menu.

Lunch, outside the Box

Who needs ordinary fast food? Your customers will crave your creative turkey lunch dishes. They’re profitable, and super nutritious.
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Menu Features for Weekly Specials

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